The Staff at Anti-Aging Centers

Medical Director 
John Novella, MD
Alicia Burr, APRN

Owners & Director of Laser Services 
Leon & Barbara Prete

Client Care Coordinators
Barbara Prete, LE
Jaimie Prete, LE
Arielle Sprague, RN

Laser Technicians
Karly Bender, RN
Christie Bevis, RN
Courtney Boccuzzi, RN
Carol Dyson, RN
Brittany Golinowski, RN
Deborah Marotta, RN
Leigh Pelliccia, RN
Arielle Sprague, RN – Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Treatment Care Coordinator
Michelle Warcholic, RN

Certified & Licensed Estheticians
Samantha Baird, LE – Certified Esthetician
Gigi Kristof, LE – Certified Esthetician & Licensed Massage Therapist

Front Office
Ashley Bean – West Haven Manager
Lisa Ingles
Jaimie Prete – Fairfield Manager
Diamonde Ufomaduh – Fairfield Assistant Manager

General Manager & Social Media
Ashley Bean