Botox and Injectables are safe and effective anti-aging treatments. Minimally invasive and requiring little/no downtime, injectable skin fillers have added new dimensions to the field of cosmetic dermatology, allowing new forms of facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment without surgery.

Tired of crows feet, lines and wrinkles? Interested in lip augmentation or facial contouring? Want longer lashes? Injectable skin and wrinkle fillers are used to increase tissue volume, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin’s overall contour. They may be used to correct a variety of cosmetic concerns, such as wrinkles, thin lips, acne scars, sagging skin, and undereye areas. Refer to Service Menu for pricing information.


For moderate to severe frown lines & crows feet.


The first and only FDA-approved filler to correct age-related volume loss in the mid-face and designed to smooth aging lines and add volume in the cheek area.


Instantly smooths lines including parentheses, marionette, vertical lip, and corner lines.


The first and only FDA-approved treatment for inadequate lashes.


Approved by the FDA to treat excess fat below the chin (double chin).

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Fairfield: Call Arielle Sprague, RN directly for your appointment at (203) 209-2080.

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(1) Initial Consultation & Treatment

Initial consultations and treatments take about 30 minutes to complete. The best part is it can be done on a lunch hour! We start every consultation off by addressing your individual needs and concerns. Each individual is different, and we strive to give the most natural looking results to each patient. Undetected Botox is the best Botox!

If there are no contraindications, we can usually treat same day. Once you are comfortable and confident that all your questions have been answered we proceed forward with treatment. The discomfort is minimal as we use a very thin needle, making this procedure virtually painless. Following your procedure, you may notice small circles of swelling where the Botox was placed. No need to to worry – this is normal usually dissipates within 10-15 minutes. Tenderness and swelling may continue for several days but is very uncommon. Full results will be noticeable within 4-7 days and last an average of 3-4 months.

(2) Pre & Post Care Instructions

A typical BOTOX procedure consists of several tiny injections in the area of concern. To minimize the change of bruising we recommend refraining from the medications listed below that may cause thinning of the blood. *Please check with your medical provider before stopping any medications that are critical for your health.

Vitamin E – Stop 3-4 days prior
Fish Oil- 7-10 days prior
Aspirin or Aspirin containing products – 7-10 days
Advil, Motrin, Ibuprophen, and other NSAIDs – 72 hours

In the even a bruise should occur (although unlikely), visibility can remain for up to 7-10 days. It’s important to consider this before booking your appointment. Makeup can be used to cover the area the following day. Arnica and Bromelain can be used to help reduce the time frame that the bruise is visible.

Additional skin rejuvenation procedures should not be done on the same day of a Botox procedure and include, IPL, Peels, Radio frequency (Sublative) and Sublime.

Excessive massaging, exposure to heat, and wearing of hats, sweaty exercise, saunas, and hot tubs are not permitted post-procedure for up to 6 hours. We encourage our patients to stay upright for 3-4 hours post-procedure to minimize the risk of side effects.

(3) Frequently Asked Questions

I’m scared my face will look frozen after being treated with BOTOX, is this true?

A common misconception is that BOTOX paralyses the muscles being treated. This is not true. With proper administration you should have no hindrance in your facial expression. We pride ourselves on never using more BOTOX or injections than necessary to achieve your desired result. The result? A more rested, youthful appearance, that has you looking refreshed and ready to head back to work smiling!


How long will my BOTOX last?

You’ll start to see your results fading at the 3-4-month mark at which time you can come in for a touch up or wait until you feel it’s necessary! There is no harm in taking as much time in between treatments as you need.


Do BOTOX injections hurt?

BOTOX is injected with a very fine insulin needle and minimally painless. Various comfort management techniques can be utilized to help reduce discomfort and aid in a pleasant experience, although most often they are not needed!


Is BOTOX Cosmetic safe?

BOTOX Cosmetic is the world’s leading cosmetic procedure in treating fine lines and wrinkles. Millions of BOTOX procedures have been performed and is considered safe and effective for both men and women. A medical history form will be provided to fill out ensuring you’re not contraindicated for the procedure. Certain neuromuscular disorders can place a patient at increased risk of serious side effects.

Before & After

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