Cryo Clear Pen

CryoClear is a cutting edge way to treat age spots, sun spots, skin tags and actinic keratosis. You’ll be amazed at the reduction in treatment time and drastically improved results.


CryoClear® freezes at – 79° C to a depth that freezes only the epidermal layer, delivering a very safe and clinically effective treatment – which also reduces the risk of blistering, hypopigmentation and scarring associated with colder forms of cryotherapy. CryoClear’s high efficacy – over 95% – combined with less destruction of healthy tissue makes it perfect for treating age spots, sun spots, skin tags and actinic keratosis. Whether used as a stand-alone treatment, or in addition to a chemical peel; microdermabrasion treatment to treat stubborn dark spots; or a hand treatment, CryoClear offers a better, faster cryotherapy solution.

What Your Treatment Will Look Like

(1) Your Appointment & Treatment

Your skin will be assessed to make sure that CryoClear is the best treatment option for your skincare issue. Once this has been determined, you will received a custom quote which will take into account the size/amount of the area(s) you want to have treated. After this, your treatment will begin!

CryoClear is administered for no longer than 5 seconds at a time. An ice ball will form on the outside of the skin, but it does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin containing blood vessels, lymph vessels, hair follicles and glands that produce sweat. This makes CryoClear the perfect solution for treating superficial skin indications.

Please note:

  1. The treatments area must be intact – with no broken skin or active infections.
  2. All exfoliating products containing a scrub or acids (ie. p50) should be discontinued 3 days before and should only be restarted again after full healing has taken place.
  3. Discontinue any irritant topical agents for 2-7 days prior to treatment.

(2) Post Treatment

Your skin will go through a series of phases after treatment:

  1. Immediately Post Treatment-24 Hours
    Inflammatory Phase
    Redness, slight erythema
  2. 1-4 Days
    Cellular Phase
    Area darkens following tissue damage
  3. 5-14 Days
    Re-epithelialization Phase
    Dark area can slough or fall off
  4. Usually 14-28 Days
    Remodeling Phase
    Pink healthy skin replaces dark area

(3) Aftercare To Improve Outcome

  1. Lightly exfoliate area one week after treatment
  2. Apply unscented moisturizer daily
  3. Avoid picking or scratching the treated area site
  4. You may continue to bathe as you would normally
  5. Swimming is permitted
  6. Exposure to sunlight is permitted with SPF 30+ sunscreen

Before & After