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Lipo-Light & Lipo-Light Pro

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Lipo-Light & Lipo-Light Pro are the latest body sculpting systems to reach Anti-Aging Centers of Connecticut. They are the new and painless way to control body shape using the latest LED Light Therapy, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and a great way to lose a dress size and promote fat reduction! Lipo-Light and Lipo-Light Pro offer instant results without the pain, risks of infection after invasive surgery, recovery time, expense, damage to the body, numbness, etc that other, more invasive forms of body sculpting offer.

Lipo-Light and and Lipo-Light Pro stimulate fat cells to emulsify (liquefy) the fat within the cell and eventually leave the cell through microscopic pores – to be absorbed by the lymphatic system. This results in the shrinking of millions of fat cells - so inches are reduced off the waist, hips and thighs. (The fat cells are not injured in any way by this process.) The combined therapy of heat, light and exercise completes the process of burning this released energy, resulting in immediate and visible slimming and toning – but only in the areas you want.

Lipo-Light and Lipo Light Pro differ in the number of paddles and the number of diodes (lights) per paddle. The more paddles and the more diodes, the better the treatment. Lipo-Light has 8 paddles and Lipo-Light Pro has 16 paddles, with 30 diodes per paddle. (Alternative laser products tend to have 2-4 paddles or do not touch the skin - which decreases efficiency.)

Lipo-Light and Lipo-Light Pro can deliver effective results in just one treatment. However, sustained results take place when continued LED Light Therapy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Treatments last for a period of up to 20 minutes and the recommended number of treatments in any course of Lipo-Light treatment is 2 per week, thus completing a full inch loss course over a 4 week period. Lipo-Light is simple to use, hygienic, quick and effective. Lipo-Light & Lipo-Light Pro can deliver effective results in just one treatment! However, your number of treatments will be based on your current BMI. Higher BMIs may require a longer course of treatment.


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There are no known risks involved in using Lipo-Light or Lipo-Light Pro and they are considered safe alternatives to invasive procedures such as traditional liposuction. The treatments are 100% non-invasive, pain free, and leaving no marks, scarring, or downtime. You can assume normal activities immediately following each treatment.


Wear comfortable, loose clothing to allow for the pads to be placed directly on your skin.

It is recommended to exercise post-treatment to speed up the lymphatic system. Results vary depending on the body type, metabolism, and activity level. Results have been seen after the first visit.


Biologique Body Treatments

For a Firmer, Slimmer You

Biologique Recherche's body care treatments combine products and procedures that are developed with the same expertise and focus on personalization as the face care treatment. The body care treatments detoxify, re-shape and tone the body to help restore a balanced silhouette, smooth skin, light legs and toned physique.

Biologique's wide range of treatments address a wide variety of body issues. Whether you are looking for oxygenating and lift or detoxifying and restoration, we can leave your skin skin toned, firmed and lifted. If you are looking for the glow of newly exfoliated, deeply hydrated skin, our estheticians can guide you to the best skin plan for your body goals.

If you are looking for draining, toning and slimming, AAC can guide you to the shaping body treatments most likely to give you the best results. Check our or Menu of Services for the full list of Biologique Body treatments we offer.